Dear Spammers !

Oktober 16, 2014

I decided to write to you this morning for several reasons. The first being that I feel you're grossly misrepresented out there in this place we lovingly call the blog. I really think you're misunderstood, honest, I do. With your reputation, you'd think you were a republican or a democrat … depending of course on the political views of the person investigating you. Honestly, you'd think you were a serial killer or something … I don't get it.

You see, Spammer! Every morning when I check my blog comments you are there showing your support and offering advice. You give me advice on where to find the best shoes, and popular stereotypes say that I should love shoes … so, thank you!

You also tell me where to find the best golf equipment if there’s such a time where I choose to pick up this hobby … I’d rather soccer, but you never know do you?

When it comes to my blog you give me so much encouragement and support. I just don’t know what I’d do without you to pick out imaginary (sometimes not imaginary) spelling errors. You give me encouragement by complimenting my "informative post" or that you "learned a lot". I don't know how you learned so much from my pages, but so glad I could help … or as you would put "aid you in your quest". Sometimes your words are so fancy this lil' country girl can't make heads or tails of what you’re sayin', but I sure do try.

You also let me know you're an expert at SEO or that you're an awesome graphics designer and I can't help but be envious of such success. I do have to wonder though … is my SEO really that bad? Hmm ... yayayaya.

I’d also like to thank you for your concerns over my health. I must seem really stressed out and overworked because you keep recommending anxiety pills, pain pills, viagra, obat kuat, obat kanker, obat sipilis, diabetes and obat tidur. Let me assure you 'em as calm as a black coffee (or is that cool?) in any case, I’m chill ... unless of course you catch me after a pot of coffee in the middle of some project with my Dad that’s due the next day and it's 10 pm … but in all normal circumstances, I’m good.

Sometimes my joints hurt or I have a headache, but 'em in no need of a sipilis pills … call me a blogger or whatever, but a mild over the counter pain reliever makes me sleepy. And that brings us to these sleeping pills you keep telling me about … do you want me in a coma?

Seriously, I appreciate the concern, but let me assure you that a tornado could pick me up, take me to a land of yellow brick roads, witches, and little people and I wouldn't wake up even if the tin man, scarecrow, and lion were pretending my belly was a trampoline, if I took a pain pill. I also happen to be really good at sleeping … maybe not at set times, but when my body needs sleep I could be standing up and snoring … call me talented.

Now, my Dad also appreciates your concern for his, um, how should I put this, "health". He says for me to let you know that it's not a problem, but he appreciates the thought. He also said to save us all the embarrassment and frustration that he'd just talk to his doc if a time ever arose where he needed a little blue pill … are they still blue? Bhahaha ...

Anyway, you can stop telling me about obat-obatan or the miracle pill. It will save us both some time. Well, I guess that's all till next time … which probably won’t be long at all seeing as how you're always ready with suggestions and advice.


Blog Concept.

PS: I don't publish your comments 'coz I wanna keep you to myself. We've something so special you know?

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10 komentar

  1. so do I
    I prefer play soccer than golf..

  2. i tak tau mau jawab apa, hahahah

    1. I kan gak nanya apa2 ..; bhahaha

  3. saya juga kebanjiran diserbu spammer :D

  4. -___- agan di koment blog ya
    kalo ane di e-mail T_____T bikin kesel gan

  5. sak, alamat email mu opo sak?