Agustus 12, 2014

Heroes | by eksak

Hey there gorgeous Tuesday morning, People! Sorry for my absence on the blog here. It's been a while. I'm hoping to change that in the coming weeks, etc. I hope your week is going well so far. It's August! The independent's month. Who's excited for that?! Who doesn't like to appreciate others? Especially appreciate the heroes of Indonesia's independence. Although not a hero, I'm sure you also want to be appreciated by others. You just might be a hero. I say might, 'coz the choice is all yours.

I feel like a soldier, coming home from war. Frozen in the pain. I can't feel. Not even the joy. Defending others. Fighting the battles that so many never see. Too young, I saw & went through things that have glazed over my eyes & made that young me grow up too fast. Must be in the healing, but I just can't feel. I can't feel anything. Not only me! But also you, Friends! You 'n me, we fighting till the end together.

But even more important is our healing from The scars those are marks of the battles we have survived. Coming home sometimes doesn't feel like a relief, because we don't know how to feel any of the joy or the victory. Moreover nobody appreciates our struggle. But we will. That closed heart will open, slowly, carefully. We'll feel & receive the good. The pain we're feeling now will be how we feel so free & safe in the coming days. Don't get upset at yourself, Friends! Healing takes time. Be easy with yourself!

For my dear heroes ...
You're not drowning. You're not alone to fight this. Thank you for fighting hard. For loving hard. For giving your hand to so many others, even before you could be helped. For being a leader. For being fearless, even when all you felt was fear. Your effort, your fight, has not been in vein. There will be a victory. And it will be more beautiful & healing then you can know.

To my dear heroes ...
I'm with you till the end. And so are so many others. You will get through this.

So, how shouting "merdeka" word in english?

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4 komentar

  1. Sekali merdeka pokoke MERDEKA.. :)

  2. Yg ga megang kamus13/8/14 11:31

    "Healing takes time." <-- setuju dengan yg ini, gak pati mudeng sing liyane.. hehe...

    Kemerdekaan, tak hanya sekedar dirayakan, namun yg lebih penting adalah disyukuri dan diisi dg sebaik-baiknya. Caranya? Hm...